Testimonials About Kathy From Parents and Students:

Brett and Dave (parents):

“Kathy made what could have been an anxiety-ridden time a pleasure (and that is something that we never thought that we would say about this process!). She served as coach, confidant and counselor and she helped keep our son focused and on a tight schedule. Her insights on strategy and essay writing and how to present his accomplishments in the best light were extremely helpful. Kathy developed a wonderful relationship with our son and we all very much enjoyed working with her. Our son stayed highly motivated thanks to her enthusiasm, guidance and strategy. Kathy’s follow-through and responsiveness in person, by email, and by phone were incredible. Our son applied early action to one of the country’s top universities and received his acceptance just before the holidays–we were thrilled!”

Wendy (parent):

“Kathy Rosenberg-Wohl took what could have been one of the most stressful events in my life — and my son’s — and turned it into an affirming, positive journey of growth. She has been our supporter, advisor, cheerleader and friend. It’s wonderful that this Fall our son will head off to the college of his choice. But the best thing about working with Kathy was how she helped me to grow as a parent — to see that college entrance wasn’t the goal, it was our family’s journey getting there that really mattered.”

Maissa (college graduate):

“I was lucky enough to have Kathy’s help during my college application process… to tell you the truth, those afternoons were among the best of the year. I gained a friend, a cheerleader and a mentor. I look back on my college application experience with fondness in large part because I had Kathy there to help me.”

Daniel (high school senior):

“From the very start, we prepared for what lay ahead. Kathy had me do things like spend an extra 20 minutes reviewing notes from the day’s AP Biology lecture, email and call coaches that were recruiting me, start preparing for the SAT months in advance, etc.

“I cannot thank Kathy enough for her role in what I will be doing for the next four years — playing basketball at Williams College.”

Luis (college freshman):

“You have truly been part of the amazing motivation that kept me going… I really love you and consider you family. I have learned a lot internally during these past two years and look up to you as a role model.”

Jon (college freshman):

“Kathy is one of the hardest working people I know, she slaved for hours, calling colleges, correcting essays, doing anything to give me a better shot at college acceptance. She was unflappable when facing the most difficult year in college admissions to date.”

Karen (law school student):

“Kathy was invaluable to me during my law school admissions process. She was always there with thoughtful suggestions, kind words, and an amazing attitude. After talking with Kathy, I would not only have a great sense of what I needed to do, but I was also energized and felt inspired to do it! I was admitted to all of my top-choice schools and was even offered scholarships at a number of them. I cannot thank her enough.”