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A Successful Journey

For the student, for the parents, for the family.

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The right college for the student and the family.

A Proven Track Record

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You have help and guidance – every step of the way.

Be in Control

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Manage Time

Coordinate your class schedules, testing, activities,
recommendations and essays. Know you’ll never
miss a deadline – or an opportunity.

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Find Your Story

Focus on what’s best about you:
your strengths, gifts, and character.
Work to develop them now.

Kathy Rosenberg-Wohl

College Admissions Counseling

Who Kathy Is
What Kathy Does
Kathy’s Results

I gained a friend, a cheerleader and a mentor. I look back on my college application experience with fondness in large part because I had Kathy there to help me.


I cannot thank Kathy enough for her role in what I will be doing for the next four years — playing basketball at Williams College.


Kathy Rosenberg-Wohl took what could have been one of the most stressful events in my life — and my son’s — and turned it into an affirming, positive journey of growth.


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