Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

What does Kathy offer that is different from my school’s guidance counselor?

Many guidance counselors are hard working, creative, and caring; however, they may not be able to spend the time that you need developing your record as well as your story. They have too large a workload, and they can’t start early enough in helping you choose classes and activities that show you at your strongest. Also, many college counselors don’t have the time to work closely with the student’s family, as well as with the student.

How do I meet with Kathy?

First, you and your student will schedule an hour-long college counseling meeting with Kathy to see if her style is compatible with your family’s goals. Then, if you decide to proceed, Kathy will arrange a series of three one-hour meetings with you and your student.

  • The first college counseling meeting consists of learning more about the student’s academic record. Class and testing schedules will be examined, as well as the development of relationships with teachers.
  • At the second meeting, extracurricular interests will be explored as well as summer opportunities.
  • At the third meeting, the student’s and family’s academic, personal and professional goals for college and beyond will be discussed.

After those three meetings, Kathy and the family will agree on an admissions plan that is suitable for attaining that student’s goals.

Why don’t you have an all-inclusive admissions package?

Kathy works closely with families to see what best suits their students’ needs. Just as each student’s voice is different, each student’s needs are different. Some families want an initial plan of action that they can follow on their own, others prefer continuing advice on classes, and still others may want to find and refine that crucial narrative that goes into the student’s final essays and applications.

Some families like the students to complete the applications in Kathy’s presence; still others prefer to do all the work at home and confer by telephone and email. It is up to the family and the student to choose the approach that works best for them.

Does Kathy help in the college search?

Yes. But bear in mind that the process of looking into and thinking about colleges is a very personal process, one that must necessarily be done largely by the student and the family.

Think of this search as an exciting and broadening time. Allow yourself to dream a little. Picture yourself in unexpected places. Kathy can help you expand and trim the list to schools at which you have a good shot and will succeed.

If you decide to go on a college tour with your family, Kathy can advise you and help you formulate efficient and effective strategies, including how to get the most out of meeting faculty, coaches and students.

Does Kathy focus on one type of college or one region, for instance the Ivy League?

No. Kathy believes that college is a very personal journey, and one size does not fit all. She has helped students gain admission to large state colleges, the University of California, small liberal arts colleges, research universities and the Ivy League.

How does Kathy work with students?

College consultations can take place in person at Kathy’s home, by phone or online. (Read more on her Services/Fees page.)

How do I pay my bill?

Payment for college counseling is accepted at time of service via PayPal or personal check.